Automatic  Self-Cleaning  Backwash  Strainers / Filters

Automatic self cleaning strainers have been proven apt for uninterrupted filtration without need for manual attention. Mostly used in continuous processes where any kind of manual intervention or shutdowns of short interval are not desired. Online cleaning allows process operation to continue as designed.

Elements are generally out of Stainless Steel material. Special material of construction available on request for element as well as housing.

Proven designs with minimum loss of backwash water for the given applications. Self-cleaning filters are offered for various applications of water, oil and other fluids of varying temperatures, density, viscosity etc.

Product Specifications

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Fluid to be filtered enters housing through the inlet and passes through the strainer element, either in-to-out or out-to-in based on requirement. Solids are held back by the element surface and filtrate continues flow towards outlet ensuring continuity of process.

As contaminants are arrested by the strainer element, the differential pressure increases. Cleaning sequence is automatically initiated on reaching set differential. Geared motor rotates the backwash arm and drain valve is simultaneously opened. Arrested solids are flushed out by a localized reverse flow. Cleaning cycle is controlled by an adjustable timer.

End Connections : Inline or Offset

Pipeline Size : 25 mm NB to 1000 mm NB

Element : Single Element or Multi-Element

Degree of Filtration : 25 microns and above

Design configuration is subject to technical specifications and process parameters. For specific applications requiring higher sizes and/or finer filtration, strainers can be tailor made to suit your requirement.

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