Duplex / Multiplex  Strainers / Filters

Duplex strainers, like automatic filters, are used wherever continuous operation is desired without interruption of flow. Normally, two simplex filters are connected by a suitable changeover valve to make it a duplex design. For special applications, the duplex design can also be extended to “Triplex” or “Quadruplex” design using a suitable valve assembly.

While these strainers can be offered in semi or fully automatic configurations too, duplex filters are extremely useful to ensure continuous flow of fluid, without automation, to the system with critical rotating parts and components. Filters are available for water, as well as various viscous fluids and also for gases. Thermal, nuclear and hydro power stations and steel plants have many installations for re-circulating water and oil applications.

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At any given time, only one of the two duplex strainer units remains operational and the other is in stand-by mode. Flow is switched over to the stand-by unit as the filter in operation reaches a predetermined value of pressure drop.

The now stand-by unit, which is choked, is available for cleaning and maintenance. The element can be cleaned or replaced as required. The strainers can also be made automated to make them backwashable / self cleaning duplex strainers.

End Connections : Inline or Offset

Pipeline Size : 25 mm NB to 750 mm NB

Element : Generally Fabricated

Degree of Filtration : 25 microns and above

Design configuration is subject to technical specifications and process parameters. For specific applications requiring higher sizes and/or finer filtration, strainers can be tailor made to suit your requirement.

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