Bag Filters

Bag filters are used for batch processes as well as continuous processes for removal of extremely fine particles. Bag filters can be used as in-line pre-filters to cartridge filters, thereby adding significant span to the life of cartridges.

Bag filters are designed for specialized filtration applications to handle high levels of solids recovery with little liquid loss. Element consists of stainless steel perforated cage with proper sealing arrangement for the cloth bag of required micron size. Bags are every economical in price. Throwaway feature does not normally pose recurring cost problems associated with expensive metallic elements. Bags smaller in size are also easy to handle and can be disposed off suitably. Time consuming and expensive replacement of cartridges / elements is reduced.

Effective for filtration of adhesives, petroleum derivatives, pigments, coolants, paints, waxes, varnishes, printing inks, polymers, planting solutions, aerosols and several applications in pharmaceutical industries.

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Bag filters have filter bag supported by perforated cage inside filter housing. The dirt / contaminant is collected inside the bag and cleaner filtrate flows through the outlet. Filter bag, once full, is removed from the housing for disposal / recovery of collected solids.
Filter bags can be replaced in no time minimizing downtime and maximizing production.
Multiplex designs can also be offered for continuous filtration in element materials like polypropylene, polyester, nylon, nomex, viscose rayon and others.

End Connections : Inline or Offset or Bottom Outlet

Pipeline Size : 25 mm NB to 750 mm NB

Filter Bag : Non-woven mesh or Mono-filament mesh or multi-filament mesh

Degree of Filtration : 5 microns and above

Design configuration is subject to technical specifications and process parameters. For specific applications requiring higher sizes and/or finer filtration, strainers can be tailor made to suit your requirement.

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