Cartridge filters

Cartridge filters offer micronic level filtration for removal of very fine particles from fluids. They are also referred to as “Polishing” filters due to the finer degree of filtration associated with them. Useful for applications requiring clarification, i.e. removal of fine suspended solids or turbidity to achieve clarity of fluid.

Modular designs allow for number of elements depending upon flow rate, viscosity and sp. gravity of fluid. Fibre wound elements are for depth filtration retaining larger solids on the outer surface and finer solids on the inner surface. For certain applications, backwashing characteristics are of prime concern to prevent or minimize replacements costs over a reasonable period. Duplex or triplex designs are available, i.e. one or two filters are operating respectively and other remains 100% stand by.

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Generally, the flow is from outside to inside with modular designs. The design can be in single element configuration or multi element configuration based on the solids load and other process parameters. A well-designed cartridge filter should operate at optimum dirt holding capacity by distribution of solids of various sizes across its layers for higher dirt holding capacity.

Cartridge filters are useful for applications that require clarification, i.e. removal of suspended solids or turbidity to achieve clarity of fluid. Elements of relatively smaller diameters are modularly sized to permit interchangeability and provide flexibility for the user.

End Connections : Inline or Offset

Pipeline Size : 25 mm NB to 750 mm NB

Cartridges : Throw-away type in polypropelene, viscose rayon, cotton etc. or Reusable type in stainless steel, sintered bronze etc.

Degree of Filtration : 25 microns and above

Design configuration is subject to technical specifications and process parameters. For specific applications requiring higher sizes and/or finer filtration, strainers can be tailor made to suit your requirement.

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