Solid-liquid centrifugal separators

Solid-liquid centrifugal separators are element-less filters that separate solids from liquid by way of centrifugal action technique. Solids that are heavier than their carrying liquid are separated by the induced centrifugal action. With no moving parts or any element, the equipment is practically maintenance free and can be implemented with utmost ease.

The major advantages of a solid liquid centrifugal action separator are –

  • No elements or barriers – Reduces inventory and related costs
  • No rotating parts to replace – Eliminates routine maintenance and undesired shutdowns
  • Automatic discharge of solids – No manual intervention necessary
  • Online, continuous and automatic operation – No shutdowns
  • Steady pressure drop at given flow rate irrespective of solids load
  • Operates at relatively lower values of pressure drop resulting in energy savings.
  • No erosion of equipment when handling hard / abrasive solids.
  • No standby unit required
  • Easily installed with smaller footprint

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Solids carrying liquid enters tangentially through the inlet setting the liquid in circular motion. Liquid is accelerated when it passes through internal slots in the separation chamber. The solid particles are dispersed towards the housing wall due to the centrifugal action and gently spiral down along the wall with the flow.

Solid free (clean liquid) spirals up to the outlet through the centre of the vortex in the separation chamber.

The solids spiralling down are collected in the collection chamber at the bottom and are purged periodically depending upon the solids load.

Installation : Vertical or Slant

Pipeline Size : 1 mm NB to 500 mm NB

Flow Range : 3.5 m3/hr to 3000 m3/hr

Pressure loss range : Min. 0.25 bar to 0.85 bar

Degree of Filtration : 70 microns with 95% efficiency

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